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Blue Jean Baby [entries|friends|calendar]
Blue Jean Baby


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A List For Me: [Wednesday
Books I Want to Read Soon
* means I have read it and but want to read it again
  1. Atlas Shrugged 
  2. Beach Music*
  3. East of Eden*
  4. Wuthering Heights
  5. Pride and Prejudice*
  6. Sense and Sensibility 
  7. Pigs in Heaven and Animal Dreams
  8. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  9. Life of Pi
  10. The History of Love
  11. A Clockwork Orange
  12. Grapes of Wrath*, Mice and Men*, The Pearl, Cannery Row, Tortilla Flat 
  13. The Bell Jar
  14. Into the Wild
  15. Maeve Binchy: Heart and Soul, Echoes - and others but I want to see if I still like her
  16. The Thorn Birds*
  17. Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff

I don't know what else but I want more. more. more. I want books that I should have read long ago. I did read long ago so no longer remember it. Books that are new and I should jump on the bandwagon before it's formed. And just anything at all that you like and think I should try, I'll read anything. 
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Move On or Down [Friday
[ mood | tired ]

My new car makes me think differently. I know it sounds weird but it's true. I never knew what a difference having a good car would make in my driving and thinking. I drive slower. I WANT to drive slower. I'm literally happy going 35 mph everywhere. This is partly due to the fact I'm in EV mode and partly because I feel no rush to get anywhere. It's just so comfortable and calm. You have no fucking idea how quiet my car is. It's amazing. It allows for me to sit back in me (leather) seat and watch observe the world in a quiet peaceful place. I'm also kinder to other cars in the road. I hardly ever cut people off and I don't flip out (most of the time) when people are being idiots. There's no need to ... Driving this car makes me think more about people and other's feelings. I know it's weird. I sound insane. I'll stop now.

I'm almost done. The 22nd is my graduation ... 6 days away. I'm all set unless missing the last Friday/Saturday class fucked me over. I highly doubt that'll be the case ... after all of this they'll let me pass. I wrote a paper and am going to do the make up shit if I miss a class (assuming Jay can find the book in the stuff he put in the room from my car). Hopefully that'll be enough. I'm supposed to talk to him about it today. I'm a little nervous only because he's a creepy old man who often talk about "special relationships" with past female students. I would not put it past this guy to pull one of those "You know what you can do for me if you want to pass this class ...." I'm only half kidding.

Yesterday Mike broke his bong. It was truly rediculous. This thing has fallen over numerous numerous times and he simply tapped it and the thingy that you stick the downstem in broke. Apparently it MIGHT be fixable. Jay blames the fact that I named it and then told him the name ... in my defense, he TOLD me to tell him the name because he was mad at Mike. Heh. But I don't agree with all that superstition; it was simply Mike being dumb. It's sad because Jay and I got him that as a birthday present; he hasn't even had it for a year - maybe even six months. I figure that, if he doesn't get one for himself before, we'll get him a new one for Christmas or something.

Jay's birthday is coming up. Mike and I are going to get him a joint present but Mike being Mike there hasn't been much planning going on here. We has one start of a discussion but Jay came in and we had to end it. We haven't talked about it since. My birthday is also at the end of the month. I don't know what Jay's doing - I don't know if JAY knows what he's doing. I don't really want anything big. But I do. But I don't. Lol. I don't know if Mike is planning on getting my something; I doubt it. But I figure that Jay and Mike might be getting me something together since neither of them have very much money. Joint presents seem to be working best at the moment simply for that fact. But I feel really bad getting Jay a joint gift with Mike because he's my boyfriend. My this time next year I will, hopefully, be able to spend my OWN money on him. I'm just glad that Mike and I are OK enough to get Jay a joint present. I guess I'll see how OK we really are by if he gets me one ... kind of a shitty way to look at it but still ...

I called Mr. Ray (the movie theater's general manager) yesterday to tell him I wouldn't be able to attend the whole meeting tomorrow. He then said something like "I heard that you have a new job" or something like that. I told two of my managers and a few on my coworkers and I SHOULD have known Ray would find out but really I think it was really unprofessional that they told him and that he brought it up like that. I told him "Oh, yeah. I didn't plan on talking to you about it over the phone. I figured it would be more professional to talk to you in person." He paused for a second, taking my passive aggressive comment in, and then said something about when it started and I told him mid-July and he was like "Well, we won't have much time to talk about it on Saturday since you can't stay for the whole meeting but can you come in tomorrow or do you have class?" So I'm going in today when school is over to talk to him about this whole thing. I don't think he's going to fire me but that's how it sounded. Heh. I wouldn't put it past him. But I'm not sure if they CAN do that. Mike said that they couldn't but that they COULD make my life living hell so that I quit. Whatever. Part of me just wants to quit but after all the help with the car I don't think my parents are going to be willing to give me money over the summer. We'll see. I wish I had my tax return and Federal check. Blah.

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Midgit Dancing [Saturday
[ mood | annoyed ]

I did a friends cut. If you think there's been an error let me know. If you want to stay around let me know.

the end

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[ mood | hungry ]

I just did a massive friends' cut. If I cut you and you think you were wrongly cut let me know. I basically did it because 1. I've been talking a lot about this that are not so pleasant and I have a feeling a few of you don't like it. So I just cut the people I figure don't want to hear/read all of my shit. On that same note, there are some that I'm close to on here and others who I am not. I have just decided that since my posts will probobly become more personal in nature as I am not doing well, I just decided to delete some of the people who I don't really want reading my stuff. In addition, I have simply cut people whose entries I do not read.

With all of that said, if you were cut and don't want to be let me know. I can't promise I'll readd you but I'll at least consider it.

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New Kids on the Tree [Monday
[ mood | nauseated ]

Pretty much feel like I'm going to throw up. Forever. And ever. Here's a lesson children: smoking hooka for 3 hours = very very very very fucking bad. And I'm kind of shaking from so much tobacco. I really feel like I'm going to puke everywhere. I have yet to do it. I kind of just want to go make myself so I can get it over with. Bleh.

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Question Time Ladies! [Sunday
[ mood | annoyed ]

What's the name of the song that has stunner shades in it. Not "Tell Me When To Go." The other one. Where the guy said something about I put my stunner shades on and it's a cover of I put my sunglasses on. The whole thing is rap except for that one part when he sings that. Thank loves!

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I'm Fat. It's My Fault. I Eat. I'm Working On It. [Thursday
[ mood | tired ]

I'm tired. It seems every time I update I'm really tired. Or ... almost every time. I have a headache that isn't bad bad but enough to make my head hurt ... heh. I'm not sure if it's because I'm tired or because of the font on this computer. There are more and more things that are bugging me about this computer. The biggest seems to be the whole font issue. Everything is really small font. And I try to make it bigger but it seems to only make some fonts bigger. It's fucking frustrating. I wish I knew how to fix it. It might just be the computer but that doesn't make sense at all. It's most annoying that it does it in Word documents. I have to make it 200% just to make it so that it's big enough to not hurt my head. Ug. Maybe I'll ask Vanessa about it. She seems to know a lot about Macs (unlike Sarah who knows nothing and had her dad do everything) and her brother works for Apple so maybe he'd be able to help if worse comes to worse? I can also ask my dad about it. The other thing is the way AOL works. Fucking pisses me off. Then, of course, there's the picture and icon stuff. But that's not too bad. Just different.

You, Me, and Dupree was good. At first I didn't think I'd like it. There was something about the movie that pissed me off. But as it went on I liked it more and more. We went to the 10:20 showing and there was this group that brought two small children (3 and 5 maybe). It seemed like the parents were semi-young (as in midtwenties) and wanted to go out and do shit like college age people but had kids. They also seemed way way drunk. Sarah and I wanted to smack them because they were so fucking annoying. We were going to say something but decided to wait five minutes and see how it went and they quieted down. Boy I wanted to shoot them!

Tomorrow I work at 5:30 and get off at 11:00. Really short shift. I want to have more hours but at the same time I'm glad I don't have to close ... and it's nice to have that shift because I can sleep in and have my "morning." I'm not sure if I'm going to go to tea time. Last time I planned on going there wasn't one and I'm just not sure if I want to go. Beau always says he wants me there but then when I go it's a little weird but not really ... I don't really know how to explain it. And the last couple of times I've hung out with him it was with him and Vanessa and that's just weird. It's like being the third wheel without being one if that makes sense? I'll try to explain ... I feel like I'm invading their time together and it always seems like they want me to leave so they can be alone and we have a lot of "yeah ... so" moments. But then it seems like they want me there ... sometimes. And they say they do but of course we all know how that goes. So the point is if I'm the only one at tea time it'll be weird because I feel like I'm bothering Beau and if Vanessa and I are the only ones who come then I feel weird so it would just be easier if I didn't go. Maybe I'll work out tomorrow before I go to work. It all depends on when I wake up. After tomorrow I work on Sunday and then that's all for the whole work week. It's because I took off Friday for Vanessa's birthday and I asked to work a night shift on Saturday but they just didn't schedule me. Then I took from Monday through Thursday off. I really wish I hadn't. Or ... I don't know. I only have like 6.5 hours next week. Or maybe 7.5? I'm not sure ... yeah 7.5. I don't feel that bad because Merieke and Lindsey both took all of next week off and are only working one day. I'm sure it'll be fine come next week. I just know I can't take a lot of days off but Shannon and Wylly want me to take off for Shannon's birthday weekend and then Jesus is going to have a BBQ/party thing and wants me to take off for that. He doesn't get that I'm not going to take off for a BBQ! And I took off for the other play I'm going to (but that's only for that Saturday and opening on Sunday) and I'm going to have to take off for English 30 training meeting (which is on a Thursday or something and I would only have to say I couldn't work a morning shift). I intend for those to be the only other days for the rest of the summer.

Friday Vanessa is going to have brunch as her house and I'm going to go that (fucking have to get up early grrrr) then there's nothing all day then there's drinking at night. I'll work out during the day and might go see her play at night but I'm not sure. I'll probobly also go read somewhere in order to not have to be in my apartment and use the AC. I'll also go see a movie. And on Saturday too. Hehe. I'm going to get all of my movies in damnit!!

GRRR They won't let me buy Sexy Back for some reason. I'm so pissed!! I really want that song. I actually really like it. I thought I wouldn't but I heard it and I REALLY REALLY do :) What can I say? I'm just of that age group that had that kind of music its in my blood. Of course, I'm pretty much an equal opportunity listener. I STILL want that Picture song by Kid Rock. Anyone have it and want to download it for me? PLEASE?!!? And Sexy Back for that matter ... or know where I can get them? Thanks loves!!

So this is my new favorite song. I love it. Seriously:

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[ mood | cold ]

I'm watching the Oprah's Legends' Ball (yes that is the grammatically correct way FUCK abc) and I really don't know why. I HATE the woman. I really just want to see what the fuck it is and see the people who aren't Oprah. But really, it's painful for me because I really really really really really hate the woman. Today I bought A Million Little Pieces because I wanted to give the only fuck you I could to Oprah. When she first made the book a book club book I said I would NEVER read it and then when all that other shit happened I knew I HAD to read it. Yep ... I'm strange and it's weird. But I really hate this woman. Not as bad as Bush but close to the same level (I hate Beyonce more than Oprah too ... but I can't think of any other people at the moment).

Beau, Stevie, a girl named Vanessa, maybe Anthony, and I are all going to see The Da Vinci Code tonight. I'm pretty excited. There were going to be more but they aren't coming. That's fine. I don't really care that much.

Sara moved out on Friday. I didn't see her go or anything. I didn't even help her pack. I did say good bye but I didn't really care that much. I think it was a passive aggressive move but I don't really know if that's it. I can't really tell if I'm angry or hurt or what (when Oprah was building a real bridge she thought of people who made a realy bridge ... bitch DIE!!). Mostly I just don't like the empty feeling and the fact I'm alone. I think I was pissed most of all. So I went to Paradise with Shannon and just hung out with her. It was pretty fun. Didn't do much but I loved hanging out with her. I'm sad we're not closer. I really don't think she and I are going to stay friends which makes me really sad but it's just fact. She's one of those people, like Sarah Marquez freshman year (whom I saw yesterday!), who is just there for a short time but was really nice to have there. I guess that's kind of like Brian and Paul and ... etc etc etc. Except with them I still see them sometimes and have contact. I don't think that'll happen with Shannon. She will be in a totally different place both literally and metaphorically. But it was nice to have those two days.

Anyway ... when I came back on Saturday Shannon and I checked out the place to see how Sara left it and it is just horrific. She left dirty dishes, broken dishes, recycling she said she'd take out, food on the shelves and in the frige - most of which is bad, trash and recycling overflowing in the house, dirt on the walls in her room ... the list goes on and on. I was SO pissed. So I took a shower, giving myself time to cool off, and the emailed her a really pissed off letter telling her that it is unacceptable and that I expect that whatever cleaning fee they charge us she gives me $23 per hour - I told her she would have to see what Shannon wants. She hasn't emailed me back.

So it's only Becki and me in the house which is pretty awkward but whatever. She doesn't talk to me and I don't talk to her. She comes into the room (storming around like she does all the time) and we don't look at each other and she does her shit and then she leaves. There are little passive agressive things we're doing - like moving around a chair (don't ask ...) but I'm like whatthefuckever (I love Oprah without make up on and looking like shit. It makes her less annoying to me ... weird huh?). Only one more week. Maybe not even that! I'm leaving Friday and not coming back until the following Thursday and Becki is supposed to be moving out on that Thursday so hopefully she'll be gone and I'll have like a week without anyone here ... well Britt's coming on the 2nd so I'll have her.

I worked yesterday. I did usher again. GOD it's horrible doing usher because you get SO hot in the theaters when you're cleaning and you are sweating all over the place. I wish I could stay at podium but 1. I just started so if someone else wants it they get it and 2. they think I'm not prepared to do rushes ... even though I already HAVE and I do really well thank you VERY MUCH! They kept making me lug the trashcan around which started pissing me off in the end but I can tell they like me. Some of the girls are somewhat bitchy because there aren't very many of them and they are all possessive of the guys. But the guys are really nice and I can tell that most of them like me because I work hard and I'm nice and easy to talk to. Also, the guys do shit to new guys but not new girls so that's nice. I think the guy who was making me get the trash can was testing me and seeing how much I would do and how good of a worker I am. But I made clear that I'm not going to take shit (not in a bitchy way) so I think I gained respect that way too (I wonder how much the women were actually touched - at least of the youngens - I mean, they ARE actresses so they can ACT those tears and whatnot. I mean, I'm sure they care and such but some of it just seems over acted you know?). The Da Vinci Code sold out practically every time which mean summer blockbusters are here which means I get more hours!!

I promise I'll start updating again more regularly soon. I still need a hiatus thing for when I go to Tahoe and home for my birthday. Please?!

So this is pretty awesome actually. Especially the ending. I'm still not an Oprah fan though.

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Bring the Boots [Sunday
[ mood | tired ]

I did a friends cut. If you feel you have been wrongly cut let me know and I may or may not readd you. If I cut you it's because you never update or I never read your entries. So if you want to be kept let me know because I may think you just don't ever come on LJ.

I'll do a real update some time soon.

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Young in College [Saturday
[ mood | in pain ]

I did a friends' cut. I'm not one to list all of the people who I cut so if this and my friends only banner are the only entries you can see you have been cut.
Sorry, it's nothing personal.

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Friends Cut [Sunday
[ mood | indifferent ]

I did a friends cut. This time there's no turning back. Sorry guys. Most of you don't ever update (like I said last time I did this) so I don't know if you're even around anymore. The only people who should comment (obviously not in this post - but you can post on the friend's only one) are those who have more than one name and I cut one of them. I did that because you only post in one and not the other. But if you plan on posting in that one at some point let me know and I'll readd it.

Sorry to everyone I cut, hope you guys have good lives.

<3 Andrea

Now That I'm Well on My Way to Making My Entire Journal Friends Only It's Time for This ... [Tuesday
[ mood | resolute ]

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

I love making new friends so if you ask I'll add you no matter what. That doesn't mean I'll keep you as a friend - but I'll always give you at least a month before I cut you! If you unfriend me I'll unfriend you - I don't want to be used just to be another person on you "friends of" list.

Just comment, add me, and I'll add you back. YOU MUST ADD ME FIRST OR I WILL NOT ADD YOU! Thank you.


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